Enter the Woid

It might seem odd at first when you look at this all too obvious orthographic mistake which is, of course, a play of words but „enter the woid“ really fittingly describes every aspect in my work as a photographer. When I’m out there with my camera it really feels like I’m entering another, a special, world. It’s a world that is molten together through different experiences that I made in my life so far and that speak to me while looking through the viewfinder.


Fellow photographers might know the feeling that I’m commonly referring to as „photo mode“. It is the void I’m entering every time I take Rosalind, my beloved D800, from the shelf ready to discover new places and, sometimes, faces. To pull them out of the void, ready for everyone to see. The void of countless hours of editing which is likely to sound horrendous to some but is pure meditation to me. I then get to relive the moments when I saw the milky way silently traveling through the night sky with my bare eyes or the majestic feeling of centuries old Eltz Castle building itself up before me after so many days of dreaming about it and it continues when I think about planned trips to Iceland and, in the far future, Antarctica.

Woid is also a dialect form of the german word „Wald“ which means forest and tells of a deeply rooted love for the diverse and often mystic landscapes of my home country. The woid is my favourite place in the world. Now do not get me wrong here, I could not live without my iPhone anymore but in the woid I find my peace within the relentless pace of my life outside of the woid.

Photography gave me the power to express myself. An ability that I never had to this extend when I wrote or made music in the past. Photography is my absolute freedom on a 36x24mm light sensitive plate.

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