“When I take you to the Valley, you’ll see the blue hills on the left and the blue hills on the right, the rainbow and the fjords under the rainbow late in the rainy season, and maybe you’ll say, “There it is, that’s it!”
But I’ll say, “A little farther.” 
We’ll go on, I hope, and you’ll see the roofs of the little towns and the hillsides red with wild bearberries, a buzzard soaring and a woman singing by the shadows of a creek in the dry season, and maybe you’ll say, “Let’s stop here, this is it!” But I’ll say, “A little farther yet.” 
We’ll go on, and you’ll hear the quail calling on the mountain by the springs of the glacier, and looking back you’ll see the river running downward through the wild hills behind, below, and you’ll say, “Isn’t that the Valley?” 
And all I will be able to say is “Drink this water of the spring, rest here awhile, we have a long way yet to go and I can’t go without you.”
after Ursula K. Le Guin, Always Coming Home