There it is, a completely different world, lonely and frozen in time with no trace or memory of any interaction. The comparison with the Apollo 11 mission is tempting. In our little plane, we too are observers, visitors to this strange place. On borrowed time. In a sense it is outer space and certainly no human eye has ever looked at the bottom of the countless and unspeakably deep chasms nor wandered the monumental, towering forests of ice. Yet the overlapping, shedding layers are a unique feature rather than marks of old age.

We are gazing over the skin of a continent and we are the symbiont.



While flying over the eternal ice landscape of Greenland in a small plane and shooting out of the window, it felt as if we were looking at a giant and the moon at the same time. This fine art photography series tries to reflect on the overwhelming feeling of alienation and minuteness that the view inspired.