From an assignment for Bentley published in their brand magazine.

“Making a link with the forthcoming Tour de France, we tackle one of the toughest mountains featured on the route – the iconic Mont Ventoux. Pitting man against nature and proving cyclists can excel in even the toughest extremes, it is an extraordinary – and beautiful – location for cycling that is wrapped up in the history of the sport. We take a Bentayga (equipped with the Adventure Pack) for a drive through this area of Provence.

For Adrian Timiss, a former Olympic and Tour de France cyclist, it will be a very personal journey as he reminisces about the challenges of the route for two wheels and the iconic nature of the mountain. The view from the window and the luxurious interior of Bentayga will juxtapose against the blood, sweat and tears of the cyclists that tackle the mountain during the Tour de France. The article will capture Adrian’s emotions, comparing the ‘extraordinary’ challenges and determination of a cyclist on this demanding route versus the comfort of a Bentley drive, which undoubtedly will prove to be a more enjoyable experience. He will recapturing those thrilling moments on his original 1987 Tour de France bike, which he will be taking along for the ride.

The journey will start in Cannes (making reference to the Bentley Boys racing the Blue Train), and take in the stunning gorges and mountains of Verdon and Luberon, passing over Mont Ventoux itself (tracing the exact route of the brutal 36.5km time trial of the 1987 Tour de France visit that Adrian rode). The article will also highlight some of the best places to eat, drink and stay, including Crillon le Brave, a stylish and charming boutique hotel surrounded by vineyards and located within an hour and a half of the summit of Mont Ventoux.”